The manner in which employers communicate policies, procedures and benefit plan details to employees has a tremendous impact on how well those programs and policies are understood, utilized and perceived by employees.

Providing your employees with ample, accurate resources will help convey your messages effectively and protect you from liability.

The Value of Technology-facilitated Communication

Using an employee portal to facilitate employee communication can streamline the process of providing timely, accurate information to your employees.

Providing Easy, Anytime Access

The ease of access is a major benefit of an online portal—for both employees and HR. Once information has been posted to the site, employees can access the information whenever they want. They can also access it from mobile devices.
Because employees will be able to self-serve 24/7, pressure will be taken off HR to keep up with responding to basic questions. Employees can quickly access information and get the details they need in a timely manner. For example, employees can retrieve benefit plan details during off hours in the case of a medical emergency.

Reducing Repetition

Electronic communication can help ease the burden on overworked HR departments. Using an online communication portal reduces the time that is wasted by HR having to repeatedly answer the same or similar questions from multiple employees.
In addition to benefits details and other resources, a set of frequently asked questions can also be clearly posted. HR personnel regain control of their time when they can simply point employees to a website instead of constantly answering repetitive questions.

Improving Consistency

The use of technology to communicate with employees also boosts the accuracy and consistency of messages. Employees will be able to access one resource for information—the portal maintained by HR—leading to a reduction in misinformation caused by employees asking managers and other non-HR individuals about topics such as their health benefits.

Additionally, because information will be issued once in a central location for all employees to access, HR can spend more time ensuring the thoroughness and accuracy of postings instead of sending off multiple and hurried emails to answer questions. HR can also more effectively review all documents and employee communication pieces. This increased accuracy can help prevent or defend against potential employee lawsuits.

What Content Is Included?

An employee portal can host whatever information is pertinent and helpful to your company. Information you provide in an employee portal could include:

  • How-to information, such as the steps for contacting IT for help
  • Reference materials
  • Benefits plan information
  • Sample documents, forms and templates
  • Policies and procedures
  • News, such as staff status changes, departmental updates and quarterly reports
  • Forum for collaboration and discussion among employees
  • Time off tracking

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